Optical Grade Durable Anti-Fog (AF) Films ISTN's FOGuard® AF films are optically clear film with permanent Anti-Fog properties. FOGuard® PET and FOGuard® TAC products can be used to add or retrofit anti-fog properties on many existing optical products, including:

  • Display Case Windows of supermarket freezers, biomedical incubators, or greenhouses
  • Safety Products such as military and civilian eye protective systems
  • Goggles for swimming, skiing, winter sports, hunting, paintball, or gaming
  • Protective Helmets for motorcycles, motorsports, paintball, security, or riot control equipment
  • Windows and Mirrors in bathrooms, homes, or automobiles
  • IMD (In-Mold-Decoration) process for Injection Molded Products

ISTN's proprietary Anti-Fog coating technology modifies the substrate surface to become highly hydrophilic by reducing the water-substrate contact angle close to zero; thereby providing long-lasting, durable water sheeting capability under adverse conditions. ISTN's AF coating contains both softer hydrophilic as well as harder hydrophobic nanodomains in order to accomplish a unique balance between its Anti-Fog and mechanical performance.

Our technology provides the lowest cost solution to fogging problems.

For more information, please contact us at sales@istninc.com.

ISTN FOGuard® PET Film - Product Features and Specifications

ISTN is seeking interested wholesalers, distributors, and retailers worldwide.


Anti-Fog Coatings (AF) ISTN has developed an advanced permanent UV-Curable AF coating for optical substrates. Extensive testing has proven this new technology to be more durable and permanent than current products while achieving the high performance anti-fog capabilities required by many applications.

UV FOGuard™ - UV Curable Anti-Fog Coating Product Sheet



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