ISTN is applying its expertise in organic-inorganic nanocomposites to the field of biotechnology. The company has identified several areas for targeting development of its bio-medical related technology initiatives:

Drug Delivery – Nanotechnology is expected to play a large role in advancing next generation drug delivery systems. ISTN currently has two technology development projects related to drug delivery that leverage the company’s expertise in controlling molecular interactions to target specific cells for treatment and to deliver a desired drug.

Silica-Chitosan Peptic Ulcer Treatment

Low Molecular Weight Protamine (LMWP)

Enzyme Immobilization – ISTN’s expertise in functionalized nanopore materials have allowed it to produce materials that can harness the chemical processing capabilities of enzymes to produce many desired compounds for the pharmaceutical, food/beverage, and fine chemical industries.

Nanopore Enhanced Enzyme Device (NEEDä)

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