Our teamís extensive track record and network in research and development across many industries allow us to be highly valuable partners in technology assessment, due diligence and market research engagements. Whether you are licensing a ground-breaking product or evaluating strategic alternatives for an unfamiliar market, we can provide you the best decision support in the most efficient fashion.

Contact us at consulting@istninc.com with any questions or to discuss an engagement.

We have significant experience in optical coating technologies, including the development of several technologies and products. Our coating formulations are currently available to our customers for use in modifying their optical products. These liquid solutions are typically applied to the substrate on a processing line via dip, spin or roll coating, and then cured via thermal or UV lamp. If you do not yet have a processing line, we are able to apply our knowledge in the design of a custom line and facilitate the set-up of that design.

Contact us at labdesign@istninc.com if you have a design or set-up need.

For companies seeking third party analytical testing services, ISTN performs a suite of services focused primarily on polymers, films, microcellular polymers and nanocomposite characterization and analysis. The testing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Antioxidants and Erucamide Slip Additives in Polyethylene Using Liquid Chromatography (LC) (ASTM D6953-11)
  • Apparent Density of Rigid Cellular Plastics (ASTM D1622-08; ISO 845)
  • Cell Size of Rigid Cellular Plastics (ASTM D3576-04(2010); ISO 2896 Annex)
  • Density and Specific Gravity (Relative Density) of Plastics by Displacement (ASTM D792-08; ISO 1183-1)
  • Density of Polyethylene (ASTM D2839-10)
  • Extraction of Additives in Polyolefin Plastics (ASTM D7210-06)
  • Film Hardness by Pencil Test (ASTM D3363-05(2011)e1; ISO 15184)
  • Linear Dimensional Changes of Plastics under Accelerated Service Conditions (ASTM D1042-06)
  • Melt Flow Rates of Thermoplastics by Extrusion Plastometer (ASTM D1238-10; ISO 1133)
  • Phenolic Antioxidants and Erucamide Slip Additives in Polypropylene Homopolymer Formulations Using Liquid Chromatography (LC) (ASTM D6042-09)
  • Resistance of Plastics to Chemical Reagents (ASTM D543-06; ISO 22088 Part 3)
  • Resistance of Plastics to Sulfide Staining (ASTM D1712-09)
  • Response of Rigid Cellular Plastics to Thermal and Humid Aging (ASTM D2126-09; ISO 2796)
  • Retained Blowing Agent in Extruded Polystyrene Foam (ASTM D7132-05)
  • Specular Gloss of Plastic Films and Solid Plastics (ASTM D2457-08)
  • Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Thin-Heater Apparatus (ASTM C1114-06)
  • Water Absorption of Plastics (ASTM D570-98(2020)e1; ISO 62)
  • Water Absorption of Rigid Cellular Plastics (ASTM D2842-06; ISO 2896)

  • Atomic Absorption
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Particle Size Analysis Cell Size of Rigid Cellular Plastics
  • Polarizing Optical Microscopy with Photography
  • UV/VIS Spectrometry

Contact us at testing@istninc.com to request testing services or inquire about tests not listed on this page.



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