Many optical and display products require surface modifications to optimize performance. To address these needs, ISTN has developed several proprietary coating technologies that include anti-fog, anti-stain, and anti-reflection formulations. We offer both optical films and optical coatings that achieve their desired functions while maintaining the highest possible optical standards.

FOGuard® TRI-CLEAR™ Anti-Fog Film

Many optical products require both anti-fog performance and high clarity, such as LCD displays, military goggles, and bathroom mirrors. For such applications, TRI-CLEAR™ film is the ideal choice given its near-perfect optical clarity, a hydrophilic substrate that counteracts moisture upon contact, and an adhesive back-coating for easy application. TRI-CLEAR™ is currently available from ISTN in custom sizes and master rolls. We also strive to meet each customer’s size and shape requirements by providing on-site installation support if needed.

Product Information for TRI-CLEAR™ Anti-Fog Film

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ISTN has developed several proprietary coating technologies that include anti-fog, anti-stain, and anti-reflection formulations. These liquid solutions are currently available to our customers for use in modifying their optical products. The solutions are typically applied to the substrate on a processing line via dip, spin or roll coating, and then thermally cured or UV cured. For customers that do not own a processing line, we are able to assist in the design of a custom line and facilitate the set-up of that design. We also coat certain standard sizes of products on our own lines.

FOGuard® Anti-Fog

ISTN's proprietary Anti-Fog coating technology modifies the substrate surface to become highly hydrophilic by reducing the water-substrate contact angle close to zero, thereby providing long-lasting, durable water sheeting capability under adverse conditions. Our AF technology can provide permanent AF properties to a number of optical substrates, and benefits a wide variety of application areas including sports goggles, safety glasses, and household/bathroom glass.


Anti-Stain coatings reduce the wettability of coated substrates against water, oil, and solvents. ISTN's UV curable Anti-Stain Hard Coat is formulated without the use of fluorinated particles and is compatible with both plastic and glass substrates. Thermally cured Anti-Stain coating formulation is also available for glass substrates and is compatible with cheap prom dresses select Anti-Reflection coatings. ISTN's Anti-Stain coating formulations are designed to be applied using simple wet coating application methods for increased production yield of the coated products.

SilicAR™ Anti-Reflection

ISTN’s Anti-Reflection technology combines the high transmission properties of a vacuum coating with the ease of processing associated with liquid coatings (dip, spin, roll). This allows ISTN’s liquid AR coating to be applied to many different substrates with various sizes and shapes. Some of the key applications that benefit from increased transmission include flat panel displays, solar panels, and eyeglasses.

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