Anti-Stain Coatings ISTN proudly introduces its family of Anti-Stain Coating Products for plastic and glass substrates. In general, Anti-Stain coatings reduces the wettability of coated substrates against water, oil, and solvents. ISTN's UV curable Anti-Stain coating is formulated without the use of fluorinated particles and is compatible with both plastic and glass substrates. Thermally cured Anti-Stain coating formulation is also available for glass substrates and is compatible with select Anti-Reflection coatings. ISTN's Anti-Stain coating formulations are designed to be applied using simple wet coating application methods for increased production yield of the coated products.


Available Products:

UV Curable Anti-Stain Hard Coat (ASHC Product Sheet - Plastics)

Thermally Cured Anti-Stain Coating (Product Sheet - Glass)

UV Curable Anti-Stain Anti-Glare (ASAG) Coating


If you would like to receive more information about ISTN's Anti-Stain coatings, please contact us at


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