Liquid Anti-Reflection Coatings (AR) ISTN’s Liquid AR technology relies on the company’s ability to create precisely engineered nanoparticles, which when placed into a liquid and deposited onto a substrate assemble themselves into a refractive index gradient structure which dramatically reduces surface reflections.  The company has developed single and multi-layer designs to meet the needs of the end user.

Flat Panel Displays – A number of applications in the electronic display industry will require high transmission optical materials in order to improve the performance of today’s devices.  ISTN is currently working with Optimax Technology Corp. to begin to apply ISTN’s Liquid AR coating to LCD polarizers.  Optimax, located in Taiwan, is the world’s 2nd largest supplier of polarizers for the LCD industry.

Solar Panels – The high efficiencies required to meet tomorrow’s energy prices will require improvements in many aspects of solar panel technology.  By increasing the light transmission of the component glass from ~90% to greater than 98% this cost-effective technology solution will allow device manufacturers to see significant increases in performance and a decrease in the cost of energy produced.

Eyeglasses – AR coatings are applied to more than 99% of all lenses sold in areas like Japan.  In the U.S., the high cost and poor quality associated with older technologies have given consumers a poor perception of the value of this very beneficial add-on.  This has resulted in less than 25% of U.S. lens purchasers choosing an AR coating.  By providing a high quality, low-cost processing solution to eyewear providers, a liquid AR coating will be able to capitalize on this large segment of the market who have previously passed on AR.

Low-Temperature AR Coating Product Sheet (For Plastics)

AR Coating Product Sheet (Glass)


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